Swifts Over Huntsville events during September

Common European SwiftSwifts across North America have been experiencing population declines in recent decades as industrial chimneys have either been toppled or filled and, simultaneously, homes have closed off their chimneys, decreasing the number of breeding sites for these unique birds. This is our first year of many to come for monitoring the Chimney Swift populations in and around the greater Huntsville area and north Alabama as part of a citizen science project, starting with downtown. We will estimate the numbers of swifts roosting in both chimneys each weekend, and submit that information to the Chimney Swift Conservation Association. I hope you can join us!

The Tennessee Valley Audubon Society will host several Swifts Over Huntsville events during the month of September.

*This coming Friday and Saturday* (Sept 9 and 10), we will gather on the steps of the north side of the Courthouse in downtown Huntsville at 6:45. Tomorrow, we will walk to the top of the parking garage to watch as swifts gather in preparation for roosting for the night, then over to the Temple B'nai Sholom where we can watch swifts as they dive into a chimney to roost for the night. Saturday, we will walk to the First United Methodist Church around the corner for another roost. In 2013, the First United Methodist Church passed a resolution to preserve the chimney as a swift roost site!

We will also gather the following Friday and Saturday (Sep 16-17) at Lowe Mill to watch them again, at the same time. This is a family event and great way for kids to learn about this unique bird species and about bird migration.

*You don't even need binoculars to participate!* (bring them if you have them, though, as they are handy for counting swifts as they dive into the chimneys). This event should be over by 7:45, in time for your kids to get to bed!

For more information: Chimney Swift Conservation Association
What’s a Chimney Swift Without a Chimney? (a National Audubon Society article)