November Program explores the Migratory Bird Treaty

For our November program, the TVAS President, Lisa Gardner will give a talk on the Migratory Bird Treaty in commemoration of its centennial. Come and learn about why it was enacted, the effects following its enactment, and how it's more relevant than ever. Join us on the 3rd of November at 6:30 at the Anderson classroom, Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Check out more details on the Migratory Bird Treaty at

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Fall Migration Count

The Fall Migration Count at Wheeler NWR is Saturday, October 1, 2016, starting at 5:00-6:00 am (meeting time varies by count group). The format for this count is similar to that used for Audubon Christmas Counts: identify and count all birds seen or heard from dawn to late afternoon/dusk; different groups bird different parts of the refuge and nearby areas. This count is always scheduled during the peak fall migration period. Birders of all skill levels are welcome; we need all the eyes and ears we can get!

Neo-tropical songbird migrants trip to Monte Sano

Yellow Rumped WaeblerThe North Alabama Birdwatcher's Society (NABS) will host a trip to Monte Sano State Park (NABT) on Saturday, September 17, 2016 starting at 7:00 am. This trip targets neo-tropical songbird migrants, either breeding residents heading south or transients passing through from the north, mostly on their way to Central and South America.

Swifts Over Huntsville events during September

Common European SwiftSwifts across North America have been experiencing population declines in recent decades as industrial chimneys have either been toppled or filled and, simultaneously, homes have closed off their chimneys, decreasing the number of breeding sites for these unique birds. This is our first year of many to come for monitoring the Chimney Swift populations in and around the greater Huntsville area and north Alabama as part of a citizen science project, starting with downtown.

Alabama Hummingbirds: More Than You Think

The Tennessee Valley Audubon Society will host Mr. Fred Bassett, certified master bird bander with over 20 years experience. Fred worked for many years alongside Alabama's beloved Bob Sargent at the Fort Morgan bird banding station on the Gulf Coast. Fred travels each summer to study hummingbirds in western states and has done research in Alaska and Canada. He has banded more than 35,000 hummingbirds in more than 1,000 locations from Miami, Florida to Haines, Alaska.


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