Neo-tropical songbird migrants trip to Monte Sano

Yellow Rumped WaeblerThe North Alabama Birdwatcher's Society (NABS) will host a trip to Monte Sano State Park (NABT) on Saturday, September 17, 2016 starting at 7:00 am. This trip targets neo-tropical songbird migrants, either breeding residents heading south or transients passing through from the north, mostly on their way to Central and South America. As many or more birds actually pass through our area in the fall than in spring, but the migration period is longer and a defined peak is hard to pinpoint.

To get to our meeting spot from Huntsville, take Monte Sano Boulevard off Governors Drive at the top of the mountain and follow the signs to the park; once there, go in the direction of headquarters and park at the Camp Store, in the gravel, if possible. Please note that the birding is sometimes better earlier; fell free to come up between 6:00 and 6:30 if you like, as some of us will probably already be at the overlook.

Also, there will be an art show in the park, starting at 9 am, so things will be getting crowded later on.    Migrant birding this fall has been good around the area; study up on those ‘confusing fall warblers’, as there should be some around!

Join us; everyone is welcome, from beginners to experts (there are no dues, you are considered a Nabs member once you attend an outing).