Andy Coleman to speak on Citizen Science Corps

Northern FlickerNext THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, Andy Coleman, Program Director at Birmingham Audubon, will talk about our new partnership with them, a program called Citizen Science Corps. It's a program they initiated and are looking to expand into the rest of Alabama by partnering with other conservation organizations throughout the state.

Citizen Science is a way for the general public to actively collaborate with professional scientists in data collection from the natural world to answer large scale real-world questions. Citizen science programs help the public to engage in research, which facilitates a better understanding of the process that goes into science we read and hear about in the news.

If you are interested in participating in citizen science activities, come and learn about the importance of proper data collection and the ways in which scientists use the data YOU collect!

Our program begins at 6pm in the Anderson Education Center. Once through the gate, you don't have to enter the Botanical Garden proper to get to us. Turn left instead of right and head towards the unpaved parking lot. Park where you see the other cars!

Andy Coleman's talk will be followed by our monthly meeting (which hasn't been held since November, really, so there will be a lot to discuss!). You are welcome to stay and participate!

There should be a person at the gate to let you in, but you can call or text me at 5O3-7O2-8726 if you need assistance. See you there!